Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pleasurists #86

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Good Vibrations was kind enough to let me review the G-Swirl by Good Vibrations. I was extremely excited about this toy. Fun Factory created a vibrator for Good Vibrations that can be used for G-spot, P-spot or clitoral stimulation. The flared base on the bottom of the shaft makes it safe to use anally. The G-Swirl has a plastic base and silicone shaft. It looked amazing.

I got out my instructions and batteries to insert them into the device and realized I had a problem. I tried everything to get into the toy. I pushed, I pulled, I twisted, I freaking karate chopped this bad boy and nothing would open it. The instructions just said insert them into the device, easier said than done. I spent a couple weeks working on it and still had no luck. I would spend time trying to figure it out and then curse the day it was created and walk away. I contemplated throwing it out the window. I was about to just give up and ask a guy friend to figure out where the batteries went in my new vibrator. Finally, I found a blog where Nancy Drew or some other sleuth figured out the mysterious battery compartment. There is a place for your fingers on the sides of the base, you have to squeeze this very hard in until it clicks, and then the bottom pops off. Then you can insert 2 AA batteries. Even after I discovered this secret, I have still had a difficult time opening it. You should remove your batteries in between uses, which means you have to regularly tackle the beast.

I finally got batteries into the G-Swirl and it would have been a pretty great toy, if it hadn’t been so complicated to insert the batteries. It has multiple speeds, with the lowest being a great starting level to someone new to vibrators and the highest is a decently high vibration. It is controlled by a round dial wheel, it’s placement on the vibrator makes it very easy to control. After you get to the highest level there is a small click, but I get too excited sometimes and go too far, accidently turning it off. The vibrator has an insertable length of 4 inches and a diameter of 1 ½ inches. The ridged silicone shaft has a curved end that provided plenty of G-spot and P-spot stimulation. The clitoral ridge, doesn’t work with my anatomy, but I’m sure it’d be great for other women.

The G-Swirl is splash resistant. It is safe to wash it with soap and water or with toy cleaner, but do not submerge it under water. Since it is a silicone vibrator, avoid silicone lubricants. I recommend using water based lube. The vibrator comes with a sample lube from Fun Factory.

I don’t recommend this toy to first time toy buyers. It’s extremely frustrating to get into and if you don’t know how great sex toys are, I fear you would just give up on them forever. I wouldn’t blame you either. I’m not even sure how much I can recommend it all. It’s a great toy, but the design of the toy is severely flawed. If the battery compartment was altered or there were instructions that carefully explained how to install the batteries, I wouldn’t be so hesitant to recommend it. However, if you are reading this you now know how to open it, but my experience was more frustrating than pleasurable.

Disclosure Statement: This toy was provided free of charge by Good Vibrations in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mimi Lil' Massager

My latest review for EdenFantasys. They were kind enough to let me review the Mimi Lil' Massager by Cal Exotics. Thanks EdenFantasys!

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Plastic

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pleasurists #84

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Vagina Doesn't Have Beiber Fever- Review of the OhMiBod Freestyle

Have you ever seen something and just felt an immediate connection that was unexplainable? From the moment you see it the world just kind of stops. Everything just freezes and all you know is that you have to have it. Seeing isn’t enough. Being near it isn’t enough. You actually have to have it. That’s what happened with me when I got my OhMiBod Freestyle. It’s crazy I know, but it was love at first sight.

I wasn’t sure about this product. It wirelessly hooks up to your computer, iPod or in my case (super-freaking-awesome-so-much-better-than-your-lame-blackberry) iPhone and vibrates to the music. You can listen, while the music stimulates you. Music is my life, but I was hesitant because I am not a big fan of vibrator patterns. None the less, this product seemed incredible. So when OhMiBod offered me the chance to review one, I jumped at the opportunity.

When it came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to get it open. It comes in a beautiful white box with an actual size image of the Freestyle. I didn’t have time to use it; I had to be somewhere. I tried to walk away, but I couldn’t resist it calling to me. I had to see what it did. I turned it on in my palm and was extremely impressed. I put it back in the box and walked away. Then I ran back and had to try it. It is amazing!!!!!!

When I finally got time to really use it I was blown away by how in sync it is with the music. I tried a variety of genres and artist. Justin Bieber doesn’t get me off, probably because he is 16 and doesn’t yet know what kind of music my vagina likes. My sappy Emo music made love to me. Certain country songs are great, while others are far less mind blowing. Drake disappointed me; I thought his music would be the best but it wasn’t. Honestly I think my favorite song is “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. Honestly part of the fun, comes from trying different music out on yourself. On OhMiBod’s website you can find playlist and DJ’s that are working with the company to make the experience even more amazing.

The vibrations can be adjusted to pick up more variation in the music, therefore creating more vibration. Basically you can turn up the strength. You also can turn the music off and just have multiple levels of steady vibrations or use one of its different patterns. The Freestyle is shaped like a traditional vibrator and can be used for clit, vaginal or anal stimulation. The smooth hypoallergenic plastic vibrator is 8 ¼ long (5 3/4 insertable length) and has a diameter of 1 1/8 inches. Unlike previous models by OhMiBod, the Freestyle vibrator is wireless. Your music source hooks up to the remote and your ear phones, but there are no cords attached to the vibrator itself. While the vibrator itself is rechargeable, the remote takes 2 AAA batteries.

When people ask me about sex toys, this is the one I always bring up first. It doesn’t matter how vanilla you are, you can still appreciate this awesome concept. This vibrator has provided me many opportunities to explain how different sex toys can be from what pop culture usually thinks of when they think of a vibrator. I really wish the girls on Sex and the City had mentioned this one in their latest movie. We have come so far since the rabbit.

The Freestyle can be purchased for $130 on OhMiBod’s website. The Freestyle is something I can recommend to anyone and everyone with no hesitation. I feel like this is a great first time toy, because it combines music, something that is very unintimidating and vibrators, which can be intimidating if you are a first time user. It has varying levels of stimulating, so if you are little timid, you can start slowly and for those of us that aren’t scared of a lot of buzz you can have yourself a hell of a time. I really want to thank OhMiBod for letting me review such an amazing toy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Where I've been

I’ve always had an extremely healthy sexual appetite. I’ve always been comfortable in my sexuality and constantly encourage other people to embrace their own. I never thought I’d get to a point where sexual pleasure would just be something I could do without. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened.

I had surgery on my uterus, ovaries and cervix earlier this year. I get a monthly Lupron injection now that causes menopausal like symptoms. I laughed when my Dr told me it could lower my sex drive. I told him there was no medicine on Earth that could even touch mine… I was wrong.

The last few months have been awful. I never have any energy, my vagina has turned into the Sahara, I have terrible hot flashes, I’m a total bitch to everyone around me and my sex drive is dead, RIP. Watching these changes happen, over the last few months, has been really hard. As I lost my sex drive, I became more and more embarrassed. I don’t know why, but my hormones were definitely not helping. I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone. I didn’t want to admit that this was happening to me. I know it seems crazy, but I felt crazy. I’m a 23 year old girl who has always been extremely sexual and now has very little interest in sex.

I have to use more and more lube because of this medicine. Wet has been a very important part of my infrequent masturbation sessions. God bless all the people who work for Wet.

I kept mentioning it to the Dr’s office. Who just kept saying this is what is supposed to happen. I was starting to get very depressed. 2 weeks ago, I called and yelled at a nurse and then started sobbing. I felt helpless. Finally someone listened; she called me in a prescription for Add Back Therapy on top of my injections. I’m still not myself, but it’s better than before. It’s wonderful to reclaim some of my sexual energy.

I’m sorry that I disappeared; I was a mess. I have missed this place and my sex reviewing friends. I’ve started masturbating more frequently. It’s nothing like before, but I have already enjoyed myself more in the last few weeks than in the months prior to this. I knew the easiest way to explain my absence would be with the truth. I am glad to be home.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shunga Secret Garden

This will be the first in a series of reviews of Shunga products. The company has been absolutely wonderful and sent me tons of products. Everything is amazing!!!! So for the next few months, expect a Shunga review weekly. Get excited!

Alright, now on to the product! I have an addiction to arousal lubes. I rarely masturbate without using one and when I do I feel like something is significantly lacking. I’ve tried quite a few of them and Shunga’s Secret Garden is by far the best I have ever used. I was madly in love with Tickle Her Pink by Pow Products before this and Secret Garden left Tickle Her Pink in the dust.

Secret Garden Female Orgasm Enhancing Cream is a clitoral stimulating gel. The ingredients cause an increase in blood flow to the area, making the area much more sensitive. This allows for a heightened sense of arousal and more powerful orgasm. Use this with a partner or during solo sessions.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, H.E.C., Turnera aphrodisiaca extract, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Mentha piperita, Tocopherol. This product should not be used if you have an STD.

To use, massage a pea size amount of the gel under the clitoral hood. I felt a cooling sensation almost immediately. Shunga suggest that some women will have to use the product for a few days for the product to work at its desired level. I never had that problem, but every woman is different. I know clitoral stimulating gels work well for me, if they usually don’t work well for you try the product for 3 or 4 days.

It is a little expensive, but this 1 ounce bottle of gel will provide continuous pleasure over and over and over again. I ounce doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re only using a pea size amount each session it will last for quite a while.

I highly recommend this product. I know that when I run out I’ll be purchasing more of this amazing Shunga's Secret Garden.

Thank you Shunga for letting me review Secret Garden! To buy this product, visit Shunga’s website.