Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Vagina Doesn't Have Beiber Fever- Review of the OhMiBod Freestyle

Have you ever seen something and just felt an immediate connection that was unexplainable? From the moment you see it the world just kind of stops. Everything just freezes and all you know is that you have to have it. Seeing isn’t enough. Being near it isn’t enough. You actually have to have it. That’s what happened with me when I got my OhMiBod Freestyle. It’s crazy I know, but it was love at first sight.

I wasn’t sure about this product. It wirelessly hooks up to your computer, iPod or in my case (super-freaking-awesome-so-much-better-than-your-lame-blackberry) iPhone and vibrates to the music. You can listen, while the music stimulates you. Music is my life, but I was hesitant because I am not a big fan of vibrator patterns. None the less, this product seemed incredible. So when OhMiBod offered me the chance to review one, I jumped at the opportunity.

When it came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to get it open. It comes in a beautiful white box with an actual size image of the Freestyle. I didn’t have time to use it; I had to be somewhere. I tried to walk away, but I couldn’t resist it calling to me. I had to see what it did. I turned it on in my palm and was extremely impressed. I put it back in the box and walked away. Then I ran back and had to try it. It is amazing!!!!!!

When I finally got time to really use it I was blown away by how in sync it is with the music. I tried a variety of genres and artist. Justin Bieber doesn’t get me off, probably because he is 16 and doesn’t yet know what kind of music my vagina likes. My sappy Emo music made love to me. Certain country songs are great, while others are far less mind blowing. Drake disappointed me; I thought his music would be the best but it wasn’t. Honestly I think my favorite song is “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. Honestly part of the fun, comes from trying different music out on yourself. On OhMiBod’s website you can find playlist and DJ’s that are working with the company to make the experience even more amazing.

The vibrations can be adjusted to pick up more variation in the music, therefore creating more vibration. Basically you can turn up the strength. You also can turn the music off and just have multiple levels of steady vibrations or use one of its different patterns. The Freestyle is shaped like a traditional vibrator and can be used for clit, vaginal or anal stimulation. The smooth hypoallergenic plastic vibrator is 8 ¼ long (5 3/4 insertable length) and has a diameter of 1 1/8 inches. Unlike previous models by OhMiBod, the Freestyle vibrator is wireless. Your music source hooks up to the remote and your ear phones, but there are no cords attached to the vibrator itself. While the vibrator itself is rechargeable, the remote takes 2 AAA batteries.

When people ask me about sex toys, this is the one I always bring up first. It doesn’t matter how vanilla you are, you can still appreciate this awesome concept. This vibrator has provided me many opportunities to explain how different sex toys can be from what pop culture usually thinks of when they think of a vibrator. I really wish the girls on Sex and the City had mentioned this one in their latest movie. We have come so far since the rabbit.

The Freestyle can be purchased for $130 on OhMiBod’s website. The Freestyle is something I can recommend to anyone and everyone with no hesitation. I feel like this is a great first time toy, because it combines music, something that is very unintimidating and vibrators, which can be intimidating if you are a first time user. It has varying levels of stimulating, so if you are little timid, you can start slowly and for those of us that aren’t scared of a lot of buzz you can have yourself a hell of a time. I really want to thank OhMiBod for letting me review such an amazing toy.