Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clitty Clitty Bang Bang!!!

Tickle Her Pink is a clitoral arousal gel made by Pow Products. The same company that makes Oooh! that’s it. I love arousal lubes and this one is great!


Image by Pow Products

The product works by increasing blood flow to the clitoral area, which increases stimulation. The women who created Tickle Her Pink’s website states…
L-Arginine and L-Ornithine - amino acids which are scientifically proven to increase blood flow to the area where they are applied
Damiana - an aphrodisiac
Frescolate – a non-irritating topical stimulant
Orange flower extract, witch hazel and aloe vera – botanicals which soothe skin
Together these ingredients are the key to a great clitoral orgasm!

I don’t know if this is true, I just know it works great! I cannot get enough of it!

Ingredients: Hamamelisdacea hamamelis virginiana L, Propylene Glycol, Arginine, Ornithine, Turnera Diffusa Leaf Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange Fruit Extract), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Since it is a water based lubricant, you can safely use it with any toy your heart desires. This product is also safe to use with condoms.

This product should not be used if you are pregnant or have any STD.

To use the product apply a pea size amount to the tissue under the clitoris with your finger. A little goes along way. Almost instantly I felt a cooling and tingling sensation. It rubs right in so there is no additional clean up when using Tickle Her Pink.

This product is awesome! It really helps me orgasm and the orgasms are very intense. It can be used with a partner or alone. When using it alone, I really like to use it with a toy that has wings or ears. The fluttering of wings + Tickle Her Pink brings me to climax extremely fast.

Some arousal lubes have caused irritation for me in the past. I never felt any burning or discomfort while using Tickle Her Pink.

The product smells like peppermint. I wished it tasted like a peppermint, instead it taste similar to a cough drop. However the taste is not bad. It is safe to use during oral sex.

The company claims this 1 ounce bottle contains 40 applications. That may not seem like much when you’re paying $9.99 for the product. That breaks down to around $.25 an orgasm. I am willing to pay a lot more than $.25 for a great orgasm.

I love the packaging! It comes in a cute little pink box with a cartoon pin up girl on the front. You can throw this part away, unless you really want to keep it.


Inside there is a 1 ounce bottle of Tickle Her Pink. The bottle is white with a black top. The pin up girl is on the bottle as well. The bottle is small enough that it can be stored almost anywhere. The bottle states that it is a Clitoral Orgasm Cream but unless someone read that, they'd never know what it was. The back of the bottle includes the instructions in several languages.

I love this product! There is no doubt in my mind that I'll be buying this product again soon. I plan to go through all 40 uses pretty quickly! I highly recommend Tickle Her Pink. It’s not very expensive and it works extremely well. If you’ve ever been curious about arousal lubes, this is a great one to try.

Compared to Ooooh! that's it!
Tickle Her Pink is made by the same company that makes Ooooh! that’s it! Tickle Her Pink provides clitoral stimulation and Ooooh! that’s it! provides G-spot stimulation. How do the two compare? Tickle Her Pink is the less expensive choice. Both products are amazing, but Tickle Her Pink is easier to apply. The easier application means more of the product is being applied to desired location, so Tickle Her Pink also works better than Ooooh! that’s it. Oooh! that’s it comes with a helpful guide on finding the G-spot and tips and positions for stimulating the G-spot. They’re both great products and I enjoy using both at different times. If you were trying to decide between the 2 products and already know where your G-spot is and have G-spot orgasms, I would recommend purchasing Tickle Her Pink.

product picture
Gel by Pow Products Inc.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ooooh! Baby!

Image by Pow Products

Oooh! That's it! is a G-spot stimulator made by Pow Products. The gel stimulates the G-spot, increasing its size and sensitivity. I've been eyeing this product for a little while, but was always a bit hesitant of the price tag. I’m glad I finally caved and purchased it from EdenFantasys

This one ounce bottle is pure G-spot bliss. While 1 ounce is not that much for paying $17.99, it is worth every penny. You only need a dime size amount, so 1 ounce is not going to run out extremely fast…. Well unless you’re like me and use it constantly.

The hot pink box it comes in is adorable! There is an image of a woman on the box, with an itty bitty waist and sexy hips. I love the heart over her vajayjay!

It is safe to use with condoms. There is a warning on the bottle, that states Oooh! that’s it! should not be used by pregnant women or if you have an STD.

A great little guide on where to find the G-spot is included. It contains an image of where it is located, how to find it and what positions make it easiest to stimulate the G-spot. If you already know where your G-spot is, this may be very helpful to let your partner read it. I know where my G-spot is but I read the book and learned a thing or 2. If you’re the Queen of the G-spot and your partner is the King, pass it on to a friend who doesn’t know where to find hers. Share your sexual knowledge.

Once you know where your G-spot is, sit on your bed (you don’t have to sit, but it is easier to do it sitting than to apply it lying down). With your finger or a toy insert a dime size amount on to your G-spot and rub it in. This isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish, as you have to get it on your G-spot and not all over the inside of your vagina. I think this is honestly why you have to apply a dime size amount. Luckily your G-spot will still come out to play. Almost instantly you’ll feeling a cooling tingling sensation. Now grab a toy or a boy or girl or both and have fun. The lube is water based and therefore safe to use with your toys. The product absorbs into the skin so there is very little clean up after.

The minty smell of Ooooh! that’s it! is delightful. The fragrance is always a nice suprise when I open the bottle. As yummy as it smells, I would not recommend tasting this product. I did not try it, but I can't imagine that it would be a very good idea.

I tried Ooooh! that’s it! with multiple toys. Mona was my favorite toy to use, but they all felt great. It works fine lying on the bed, but I preferred using my Liberator Wedge/Ramp or Liberator Zepplin Cocoon. Both of these items make it easier to reach my G-spot and make it easier for me to have a mind blowing G-spot orgasm.

It is really hard to make me orgasm. When I say really hard, I mean it's a miracle when I orgasm. The fact that this can help make me climax is incredible. This isn’t a guaranteed orgasm, but it has done wonders for me and I highly recommend giving it a try. I know it is a little pricey, but it is really worth it as you can’t put a price tag on mind blowing sex. I have no doubt in my mind I’ll be purchasing more of this in the future.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lip Stain

I love makeup, maybe a little too much. I own over 90 shades of MAC eyeshadow, over 100 colors if you count other brands. I love lipstick, stain, gloss, etc. Hell, I even contour & highlight my chest. The one place I've never considered putting makeup is my pussy. I didn't realize I needed to. Luckily My New Pink Button was aware of my flaws.

My New Pink Button is a temporary dye that adds color to your labia. The product is intended to temporarily correct the loss of color that happens over time. The kit comes with 20 applicators, a mixing dish, dye and instructions. There is nothing on the website that indicates how long this product last, just that it is temporary.

It comes in 4 colors. Marilyn is for fair skinned girls. Bettie is a hot pink color that blends in with a woman’s skin tone. Ginger is a rosy color intended for darker skin tones. Audry is the darkest color and is a bold burgundy pink.

I wear makeup, I highlight my hair, I have implants, I wax everything, I spend too much on clothes, I wear heals and now I have to wonder if my labia isn’t a pretty enough shade of pink? No man has ever said, “You know, I’m really into you but the color of your pussy is a deal breaker.” I honestly don’t have time to worry about one more thing.

I’m sure there are women who are already genuinely concerned about this. For those women, go ahead. Who am I to tell you that it is wrong? If it makes you happy and comfortable to color your labia, go for it.

Is this weird? Yes. Am I curious to see how this works? Yes. Would I try it if it was in front of me? Probably….

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy National Condom Week!

Cover your stump before you hump

February 14-21 is National Condom Week in the US. In honor of this week, I've posted 5 great condom commercials. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

You can't go wrong, if you shield your dong

If you really love her, wear a cover

If you slip between her thighs, condomize

Before you penetrate, hide your magistrate

Don't be a fool, cover your tool

Don't be silly, protect your Willie

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Clean Love's Passion Candle

My review on Good Clean Love's Passion Candle for EdenFantasys.

"This product was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines."

product picture
Candle by Good Clean Love

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fleshlight Vibro Glow

Fleshlight has introduced their new Vibro Glow for a limited time only! The Vibro Glow includes 3 bullets and 10 extra batteries. The Vibro Glow package contains the Fleshlight Ice clear case and the Ice STU sleeve, while the three bullets provide the color. You can mismatch the bullets so that the tube is different colors. I can’t help thinking this a rave for your dick. You can pick from the lady orifice or butt. Only 1,000 of them have been made so act fast! Actually my friend bought one, 999 left!

Monday, February 15, 2010

"I can't, I'm washing my hair tonight"

Is there a polite way to reject someone? Is there a nice way to say, “Thank you for putting yourself out there, but I’m just not into you.” Are the cliché ways to decline someone’s advances, worse or better? Is there a universal way to turn down someone without creating an awkward situation for everyone involved?

I know when someone is politely blowing me off and I’m ok with it. “I’m just really busy right now” is equivalent to saying, “I’m too busy to talk to someone I don’t like.” It is a line I’ve come to terms with. You can pretend they are honestly just way too busy.

Is it so crazy to tell the truth? Is the truth worse or better? Yes, it is more painful but at least the other person is left knowing where you stand. This weekend I was on both sides of the equation and I’m still not sure which I prefer.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Yourself

The last time I didn't have a Valentine on Valentine's Day, I was 12. I'm a serial monogamist at my best; a girl who just needs a lot of love and attention at my worst. So this year I’m doing the unthinkable… or the normal thing and being happily single on Valentine’s Day.

I’m refusing to attend any single parties. I’m not exchanging love letters with any boys in Massachusetts. I’m not watching sappy movies and feeling sorry for myself. I’m celebrating!

I am doing what any modern day lady should do, spend a great day concentrating on how much I love myself. I am awesome. You are awesome. One day does not define how successful I am in life, nor should it dictate how I feel about myself.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I spent the money I would have spent on whatever guy I was dating at the time and spent it on my V. I could not be more excited! I bought the Mona by Lelo, Tickle Her Pink and "Ohhhh! That's it!" by Pow Products! All 3 products were bought from my friends over at EdenFantasys! Next Thursday, I will have these in my possession.

I'll have reviews up for all 3 items soon. Happy Valentines Day everyone!