Thursday, April 1, 2010

JimmyJane Form 2 Review

When I decided to review JimmyJane’s Form 2 with the help of a wonderful JimmyJane employee, I could not wait to get my hands on this product. The Form 2 is the first of the three new Pleasure to the People waterproof and recharable vibrators from JimmyJane. They are all made out of platinum silicone and stainless steel. The Form 2 fits perfectly in my palm and with 3 buttons, the plus and minus buttons change the intensity and the other button changes the pattern, it’s basically perfect.

There is nothing worse than buying a product, only to realize something is wrong with it. Yet I am a firm believer that it is in these moments where you can really see how strong a company is. When it got to my house, the box said it was a Pink US Form 2, but the European charger greatly disagreed with the box. I sent an email to JimmyJane’s customer service. While this is not exactly the most ideal situation, it told me a lot about JimmyJane. They are a great company that will go out of their way to fix their mistakes. A few days, many apologies and a free Little Ember Sampler later I had a new charger and free candles.

At this point I was a little concerned; I have a tendency to build things up in my head, to an extent that they can never meet my expectations. I had lovingly been looking at the Form 2 since it had arrived. The pink silicone millennium falcon looking toy had been taunting me. It does not come charged, so it was just there, beautiful and awkward and looking kind of like Timmy the Tooth’s cousin.

I read the instructions and hooked up the charger. You just place the Form 2 on the charging station and it lights up showing you that it is indeed charging. After 2 hours of charging, it was ready to go. This charger will be used with future JimmyJane models. You can never overcharge this toy. Since there is no plug or o-ring, this little guy is completely water proof. I don’t think you could kill it with water even if you wanted to… which you won’t because it’s incredible.

I have never cared for vibration patterns. It’s not like a hate them, they just aren’t a selling point for me. The Form 2 oscillating pattern blows my mind, completely out of my skull. Each ear has its own motor, the vibrations go from one ear to the other, stimulating my clit in a whole new way. “Sensation in Stereo” describes this toy perfectly. The dual motors stimulate my clit like it has never been stimulated before. The rest of the patterns are also very nice, but I love the oscillating pattern even more than the constant vibrations. There are 4 vibrations patterns and 5 power levels. I like strong vibrations and the Form 2 delivers.

This vibrator is unlike anything I have ever used before. It leaves me speechless. Seriously words will never be able to describe the level of awesomeness contained in this strange looking toy. It’s perfect. The silicone feels great against my naughty parts and the ears surrounding my clit allow my clit to reach a level of ecstasy I’ve never experienced before. I have always had a hard time orgasming. I have sexual ADD and the Form 2 keeps my concentration focused on the sensations I’m feeling and not a crack on the ceiling or what I’m going to eat for dinner. It gives me long intense orgasms, which is probably why I love this toy so much.

Another benefit of this toy is how much it relaxes me. I’m a bit high strung and I have a hard time falling asleep at night as my mind is always racing. I’m not kidding about my ridiculous ADD. This little guy helps me unwind at night. I don’t know if it is the dual motors surrounding my clit or the rocking back and forth that does it, but it works better than anything I’ve ever used before. The orgasms that this toy produces leave me so completely satisfied, that I don’t have the energy to even move, let alone toss and turn.

I have cancelled plans twice since I got it, so that I could get home and use my Form 2. This $135 toy is worth every penny. I know it seems a little pricey, but it is really that amazing.I can’t get enough of it. This is by far my favorite toy of all time… OF ALL TIME!!!

This video started my love affair with the Form 2. I hope it does the same for you!

Thank you JimmyJane for letting me review this incredible toy. Please take a moment to check out their incredible assortment of vibrators, massage candles and massage stones.