Friday, March 19, 2010

I did it on porpoise

I am a big fan of using multiple toys per session. I usually have 3 or 4 ready and sometimes I decide I don’t want to use a particular toy and swap it out for another one. There are toys I use to get started and others I use to finish. There are toys for long sessions and ones for quickies. Each toy has its own unique purpose. California Exotic’s The Tickling Dolphin from The Adult Toy Shoppe is a discrete bullet style dolphin intended for clitoral stimulation.

This is not a main course toy. It works decently as an appetizer, but it is best used as a side dish. This is the mash potatoes of sex toys. Unfortunately the mash potatoes lack gravy and salt. It is nice, don’t get me wrong but it is not great.
My little dolphin friend is 3 inches long, with a 1 inch diameter. He nestles himself quite nicely against my clit and vulva. I think the size will work well for most women. His tiny size makes it very easy to bring him just about anywhere with you.

This is a great toy for first time sex toy owners. It is not intimidating at all; he’s a cute little TPR silicone dolphin. He is not as powerful as I desired, but he does have a nice quiet buzz. This toy works best in unison with another toy. I enjoyed it greatly when used with my Mona, by Lelo.

Use a water based lubricant, to prevent damaging the TPR. After using him, wash him with antibacterial soap and warm water. Don’t worry about getting water in the motor. This toy is waterproof and will be perfectly fine while washing him or using him in water.

The Tickling Dolphin uses 4 watch batteries. The product comes with 8. You have no idea how excited this made me. I hate hunting down watch batteries. I curse toys that require them. I think it’s brilliant that they included replacement batteries.

The big question I would ask before buying this product is, “what are you looking for.” Are you looking for something discrete, quiet, waterproof, cute and not overly powerful? If so this toy is a great option. However if you’re more interested in something that is powerful, that will bring you to orgasm every time. You should look at getting a different bullet style vibrator.

I really appreciate the The Adult Toy Shoppe for sending me The Tickling Dolphin to review.