Monday, February 15, 2010

"I can't, I'm washing my hair tonight"

Is there a polite way to reject someone? Is there a nice way to say, “Thank you for putting yourself out there, but I’m just not into you.” Are the cliché ways to decline someone’s advances, worse or better? Is there a universal way to turn down someone without creating an awkward situation for everyone involved?

I know when someone is politely blowing me off and I’m ok with it. “I’m just really busy right now” is equivalent to saying, “I’m too busy to talk to someone I don’t like.” It is a line I’ve come to terms with. You can pretend they are honestly just way too busy.

Is it so crazy to tell the truth? Is the truth worse or better? Yes, it is more painful but at least the other person is left knowing where you stand. This weekend I was on both sides of the equation and I’m still not sure which I prefer.